Growing up in an environment like this will deeply affect one’s perspectives. In Sternblick we believe in building sound and lasting relations. We are constantly on the lookout for talented and dedicated professionals that will truly make a difference to your organization.

One of our pillars of operation is long-term thinking. This encompasses a collection of values such as honesty, dependability, commitment to quality and passion throughout. We do not cut corners and offer a service free of compromise. At Sternblick we are responsible individuals and strive for excellence in attracting and retaining new talent.

Raw Nature

Raw Physique

Being a professional ballerina at this level involves some of the most extreme physical and mental challenges an individual can undertake. It demands absolute focus, dedication, extreme flexibility, agility and endless hours of practice.

Certain people possess a set of skills and the determination to execute on challenges like these and will help your company remain alert and maintain a competitive edge.


Become your values and make them count!

Sternblick set out to be a different search firm, with a strong identity founded on a genuine ambition to help our clients gain competitive edge. There is an underlying philosophy guiding every decision we make.

We value relations and are always on the lookout for talented and interesting people who are eager to make a difference. One of our candidates, who had declined dozens of requests from other firms, coined the term “gentle persistence” when asked to describe what made him accept our invitation. Since then, many candidates have attributed our approach similarly.

The Visionary

The Visionary type looks forward and provides a direction or path towards something which is yet to be.

True visionaries have a particularly well-developed ability for abstract thinking. They connect seemingly disparate phenomena and understand the underlying principles governing how these affect one another. They transform these insights into feasible business strategies and make people want to take on the future – together with them.

Balancing act

Leadership in a globalized world calls for well-developed personality traits. Our world is undergoing great transformation, so a new breed of leader is called for; with balanced traits and the ability to act swiftly and effectively on whatever the circumstances require.

At Sternblick we apply the most accurate psychometric tools and a fiercely rational selection process to make sure the right candidates are selected – and expectations met.


Light in the shadows. Whether you are a leader or a specialist, becoming conscious of crucial elements and deciding factors is of great importance if you aim to be an effective tool for your organization.

This ongoing process of enlightenment is more active in some individuals. They take the whole value chain into account and easily determine which factors have the greatest effect on the outcome. They observe and understand the interrelation between all contributing elements, and apply these insights to create lasting impact.

Since consciousness is easily transferable, and can occur almost instantly, one should spend time with individuals who have a deeper understanding of their respective subjects, thus seeking active enlightenment.

Shadow dance

The Jungian concept of «The Shadow» can include everything outside the light of consciousness. Qualities hidden in the shadow may be positive or negative. Because one tends to reject or remain ignorant of the least desirable aspects of one’s personality, the shadow is largely negative. There are, however, positive aspects that may also remain hidden in one’s shadow – especially in people with low self-esteem, anxieties, and false beliefs.

To reach proper maturity and completeness as a leader, one should dance with the shadow and embrace it, thus achieving a better integration of one’s conscious and unconscious cognitive processes.


«A good leader is Reliable, Competent and Generous – in that order. High base-levels of Positivity certainly also help.»

– Vidar Fredriksen, CEO Sternblick

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