Recruiting excellence

We assist with all relevant aspects of recruiting – from detailing the actual need, to creating a job description and a “ideal” candidate psychometric profile, to actively identifying and motivating the best candidate(s), to conducting interviews and performing candidate testing, to evaluating and providing a summary with final recommendation.

Our services are always delivered on a fixed price arrangement, agreed upon before any process commences.

Please reach out to hear more about our approach to recruiting, and details on our delivery models.

Testing of selected final candidates

At Sternblick we consider psychometric testing to be essential in all our recruiting processes, as we strongly believe it will help us help you avoid recruiting the wrong candidate. After all, we are trying to not only find the best suitable candidate, but also to predict how well the individual will perform in their new role, and if they will thrive and function well within your unique company culture.

If you are in the fortunate situation that you already have identified one or more qualified candidates yet would want to make sure you are sure on whom to offer the position, we can offer “testing as a service” adding some rational data to your decision process.

We conduct full scale personality assessments for each of the selected final candidates and perform in-depth verification of results with the candidates. This to ensure that the findings are valid and recognisable. A psychometric profile on each final candidate is made summarizing our views of the candidates and our recommendation. Everything to ensure that the remaining risk is the lowest possible.

Advisory services

For existing customers, we can offer advisory services, either as a part of a recruitment process or as a separate service. This could be related to one or more parts of a full recruitment service handled by your company, to psychometric testing in general, or to organizational development.

Fields of expertise

The Sternblick team consist of experienced senior recruiters, with vast experience from management, IT, technology and finance.

  • IT & Technology Development
  • Aquaculture
  • Med Tech
  • Green Tech
  • Design & Creative disciplines
  • Energy Production & Distribution
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Construction
  • Electronic Design & Manufacturing
  • Marine Tech
  • Public Admininistration & Governance